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Superchunky knitting yarns
Solid colour and self-patterning superchunky knitting yarns with pure wool and wool rich blends plus merino wool, bamboo, cotton and synthetic blends from Hayfield, Katia, Sirdar, Twilleys and Wendy. Ranges include Katia Extreme and Fabula with bright shades to cheer any dark day and Sirdar Faroe and Squiggle with subtle random colourways ideal for sweaters, cowls and accessories.   For more inspiration try Katia Ushuaia, Maya and Punto with their sophisticated colourways or Katia Spark - a unique glittering superchunky ribbon yarn.  Our solid colour ranges include Hayfield Superchunky with wool and Twilleys Freedom superchunky with 100% pure wool
Pure wool yarns

Katia Fabula 100% wool superchunky

Katia Norte 100% merino superchunky

Twileys Freedom pure wool superchunky


Hayfield Superchunky with wool

Katia Chamonix superchunky

Katia Spark superchunky

Katia Sfera wool rich superchunky

Katia Extreme superchunky

Sirdar Faroe superchunky with wool

Sirdar Big Softie wool rich superchunky

Sirdar Big Bamboo superchunky with 50% bamboo

Sirdar Squiggle wool rich superchunky

Twilley's Freedom pure wool superchunky

Wendy Pampas superchunky with wool