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Knitting accessories

Knitting accessories includes needle gauges, stitch holders, row counters, needle huggers, yarn bobbins, stitch markers, bodkins, cable needles, tape measures, knitting elastic and knitting calculators. Brands may be substituted as stock changes. Brans include Millward, Prym and Addi and may be substitued as stock changes

Row Counters: small and largeSmall row counters fit needle size 2-5mm: large size fits needles 5.5-7.5mm. Colours vary. Price is for one row counter.
Milward Tape Measure 150cmMilward Tape Measure, retractable, measures up 150cm, in cm only - colour varies
Cable needle - largeLarge cable needle for use with needles 5.5mm to 7.5mm in single packs of 1.
Mini Kacha knitting counterKeep track of rows and stitches with a simple click with the Kacha-Kacha's trendy little brother from Clover - designed to be worn on a cord (not supplied).
Stitch markersEssential for intricate lace or cable designs and the simplest way to keep track of any pattern, these stitch markers are very lightweight and hook safely into the fabric as you knit. 24 markers - brand and colour may vary.
Cranked Cable NeedlesTraditional cranked cable needles ensure stitches don't slip off. For use with needles 2-5mm. Pack of 2.
Small Cable NeedleSmall cable needles for use with needles 2-5mm. Pack of 2. Brand may change from picture shown.
Yarn needlesSewing up needles - 2 to a pack. These will take up to approx aran weight yarn. Brand may change from photo shown.
Knitting Needle GaugeNot sure what gauge/size your needles are? Use this handy knitting needle gauge to find out.  Size 2-10mm needles, in metric and former UK sizes, plus ruler.  Brands vary.
Kacha Kacha stitch counterThe renowned 'Kacha-Kacha' from Clover to help keep track of rows and stitches with a simple click
Stitch Holders: medium, short and longMetal stitch holders in different sizes inc 11, 17 and 21cm, and 14cm safety pin style (not shown).  Brand varies according to availability.