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Katia Knitting Yarns

Katia knitting yarns in 4 ply, DK, aran, chunky, superchunky, cotton and lace weights in a range of unique & highly stylish collections including New Orleans, Mississippi 3, Alabama, Brisa, Isis,  Azteca, Cuzco, Oxford, Gales, Kiss and Darling. Many have knitting patterns to  showcase the yarn and see (Katia knitting books) for more designs for babies, women and the family

Scarf yarns and lace knitting. Click (scarf yarns) for classic Katia scarf ranges inc Rocio, Ondas and Triana and (yarn sale) for more scarf yarns at reduced prices including Polo Sur, Manhattan, Funny, Ronda and Sfera plus Katia Merino blend DK.  See (
lace weight yarns) for Katia Lino pure linen 4 ply and Katia Inox made made from extra fine merino wool with 8% stainless steel to brings a subtle sparkle and Katia Syros with it's subtle drape and texture

Katia Silk Mohair yarn

Katia Silk Mohair knitting yarn is a luxurious ultrafine blend of 70% mohair and 30% silk giving an airlight lacy effect to each of the sophisticated colourways

Katia Air Lux yarn

Katia Air Lux yarn is a luxurious knitting yarn (approx 4ply) in two-tone colourways made from an air light blend of 30% extra fine merino wool and 70% viscose

Katia Kiss 4ply yarn

Katia Kiss yarn is an airy 4 ply knitting yarn that blends 50% Lana Merino wool and polyamide

Katia Darling 4ply yarn

Katia Darling 4 ply knitting and crochet yarn in rich blended colour combinations with a single ply blend of 60% superwash merino wool and polyamide

Katia Lino 4ply yarn

Katia Lino yarn is a pure linen 4 ply knitting yarn that is ideal for lace knitting and knits on larger needles to make the most of the natural linen drape

Katia Mississippi 3 yarn

Katia Mississippi 3 yarn is a 4 ply knitting yarn with a top quality lightweight cotton blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic and perfect for baby knitting.

Katia Ilusion chunky mohair yarn

Katia Ilusion chunky mohair knitting yarn has a luxurious blend of 60% super kid mohair with 15% extrafine merino and 25% polyamide with an airy effect and soft halo

Katia Ingenua chunky mohair yarn

Katia Ingenua mohair blend knitting yarn is an affordable, luxurious and practical lightweight mohair yarn with a lightweight blend of 78% mohair, 13% nylon and 9% wool

Katia Brisa 4ply yarn

Katia Brisa 4 ply yarn is a cotton blend knitting yarn with beautiful drape and sheen in jewel colours that are perfect for slinky shawls and scarves, evening and summer wear

Katia Broadway DK yarn

Katia Broadway DK yarn in ombre ombre coulerways with a subtle sparkle and 47% wool, 50% acrylic and 3% polyester machine washable blend

Katia Marathon Kids DK knitting yarn

Katia Marathon Kids DK knitting yarn in bold prints that's great for kids garments or cheerful accessories with a machine washable supersoft acrylic blend with wool

Katia New York DK yarn

Katia New York DK yarn has a luxurious glittering tubular construction and a machine washable blend of 18% wool, 18% linen, 13% alpaca with 40% acrylic and 11% polyester.

Katia New Orleans DK yarn

Katia New Orleans DK is a cotton blend DK knitting yarn with a supersoft blend of 50% cotton and acrylic in a great range of colours and perfect for smmer knits and baby and children wear

Katia Linen DK yarn

Katia Linen DK knitting yarn has a 53% cotton and 47% linen blend which makes for a softer handle than pure linen, giving the yarn a subtle texture

Katia Revive recycled cotton blend DK yarn

Katia Revive DK is a cotton blend eco-friendly DK knitting yarn made entirely from recycled clothing with each shade created by careful blending of the source fabrics so no dye is used.

Katia Degrade and Degrade Sun DK yarn

Katia Degrade and Katia Degrade Sun DK yarns are 100% Egyptian cotton self-patterning DK knitting yarns, which create an ombre colour effect in fresh summer colourways as you knit

Katia Oxford DK yarn

Katia Oxford DK yarn is a wool rich tweed knitting yarn with subtle ombre shading and a 50% wool, 45% acrylic and 5% nylon blend

Katia Pima cotton yarn

Katia Pima yarn is a 100% pure cotton DK knitting yarn with the feel of angora and  a similar brushed effect that handles more like a fine wool than a traditional cotton yarn

Katia Isis DK yarn

Katia Isis yarn is a cotton rich DK knitting yarn with a subtle texture and sheen that's great for evening wear, lace knitting and crochet

Katia Belice DK cotton rich DK knitting yarns

Katia Belice DK yarn is a cotton rich DK knitting yarn in gorgeous colourways with a 55% cotton and 45% acrylic blend.

Katia Horizon DK yarn

Katia Horizon DK yarn is a wool rich DK knitting yarn in ombre shades with a homespun texture and a machine washable supersoft blend of 53% wool and 47% acrylic

Katia Basic Merino Flash DK yarn

Katia Basic Merino Flash DK yarn in ombre shades with a machine washable blend of 52% superwash merino wool and 48% acrylic

Katia Rustic Silk DK yarn

Katia Rustic Silk yarn is a luxurious, soft and characterful pure silk DK knitting yarn

Katia Iris DK yarn

Katia Iris DK knitting yarn has a luxurious linen blend with a glittering metallic contrast that knits to approx DK tension.  

Katia Cuzco aran yarn

Katia Cuzco aran yarn with a homespun feel in subtle colourways with a machine washable blend of 53% wool, and 47% acrylic

Katia Azteca aran knitting yarn

Katia Azteca yarn is an ombre shaded wool blend aran knitting yarn in rich colourways with a machine washabl  blend of 50% wool and acrylic

Katia Alabama aran yarn

Katia Alabama aran yarn is a lightweight, soft and practical knitting yarn with 50% cotton and acrylic blend in a great range of colours that's perfect for summer and children's knits.

Katia Tirol aran yarn

Katia Tirol aran yarn with a machine washable soft knitting yarn with a quality blend of 40% wool with 60% acrylic in a great range of colours

Katia Hechizo and Hechizo Plus aran yarn

Katia Hechizo and Hechizo Plus aran knitting yarns with a luxurious air-light blend of extra fine merino wool and alpaca with a misty halo

Katia Merino Tweed aran yarn

Katia Merino Tweed is a wool rich machine washable aran knitting yarn in classic flecked autumn shades blending 51% wool with 43% acrylic and 6% viscose

Katia Bolivia chunky

Katia Bolivia chunky is a luxurious thick and thin chunky knitting yarn with gorgeous colours and textures that makes stunning scarves, accessories and cover-ups.

Katia Dual chunky yarn

Katia Dual chunky knitting yarn is a soft wool blend loose-spun chunky roving type yarn that is perfect for winter garments, scarves and accessories

Katia Gemini yarn

Katia Gemini yarn is a 100% pure cotton lightweight chunky knitting yarn with a unique ruffle effect you can choose when and where to feature in the garment or scarf.

Katia Malindi chunky yarn

Katia Malindi chunky yarn is a lightweight but bulky acrylic chainette yarn in gorgeous colourways and great for tops, cover ups and scarves

Katia Gales chunky yarn

Katia Gales chunky yarn is a wool rich tweed chunky knitting yarn with a raw, handspun feel and a blend of 85% wool and polyamide (nylon)

Katia Peru chunky knitting yarn

Katia Peru chunky knitting yarn has a soft blend of 20% alpaca, 40% wool and 40% acrylic in a great range of colours.

Katia Norte pure merino super chunky yarn

Katia Norte superchunky yarn is a beautifully soft superwash single ply knitting yarn made with pure merino wool with the character of a traditional lopi-style yarn

Katia Fabula super chunky yarn

Katia Fabula super chunky yarn is an ombre-shaded 100% superwash merino wool knitting yarn perfect for winter scarves, hats, jackets and sweaters

Katia Extreme mega chunky yarn

Katia Extreme yarn is a neon bright mega chunky knitting yarn that will make sure you're seen on even the greyest days with a machine washable 97% acrylic and 3% nylon blend

Katia Spark superchunky yarn

Katia Spark is a glittering superchunky ribbon yarn ideal for evening wear and accessories with a machine washable blend of 72% nylon and 28% polyester.  60m per 50g ball.

Katia Soho chunky yarn

Katia Soho is a supersoft, chunky and long haired shaggy yarn that is perfect to knit alongside other yarns for collars or cuffs or for scarves and waistcoats with it's warmth and gentle touch

Katia Chamonix shaggy chunky yarn

Katia Chamonix superchunky shaggy mesh scarf yarn in a range of 2-tone shades

Katia Zenith and Morocco scarf yarns

Katia Zenith and Morocco yarns are perfect for scarves and wraps and bring instant glitz and glamour to any outfit

Katia Fur eyelash knitting yarn

Katia Fur yarn is a luxurious, silky-soft, fur effect eyelash knitting and scarf knitting yarn

Katia Paillettes yarns

Katia Paillettes is a handwashable knitting yarn with sequins sewn in and an easy way to create ultra-glamorous sequinned knits