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Scarf knitting yarns

Our Katia scarf yarns include many classic are discontinued ranges at reduced prices so grab a Ondas, Trianna or Evita (with it's realistic looking fur pom poms) and prepare to cosy up for winterChoose from a range of textured effects, ruffles, lacy finishes, dramatic fringes, looped and scalloped edges from Katia, Sirdar and Wendy that can be used for accessories, shawls and wraps to bring instant glamour.  Most create a scarf with a single ball in very little time and are ideal for beginners with instruction leaflets and patterns to download. See (scarf yarn sale) for a great range of scarf yarns at reduced prices at (yarn clearance sale) for further Katia ranges now discontinued at bargain prices inc Manhattan and Funny

Katia Triana and Triana Lux scarf yarns

Triana and Triana Lux both create a stunning ruffled scarf from just one ball with Lux adding an extra sparkle

Katia Rocio and Rocio Plus scarf yarn

Rocio and Rocio Plus scarf yarns are lacy scarves with a contrasting edging of tiny pompoms with Rocio Plus having more blended bands of colour

Katia Ondas and Ondas Lux scarf yarn

Ondas and Ondas Lux are both classic scarf knitting yarns and will create a stunning ruffled scarf from just one ball, with Ondas Lux having an extra sparkle

Katia Marilyn scarf yarns

a dramatic textured and multi-toned scarf knitting yarn with slinky fringing

Katia Rizos and Woolcraft Tango Glitz

Katia Rizos, Woolcraft Tango and Tango Glitz scarf knitting yarns all make a similar ruffled scarf. Rizos has more ruffles and Tango and Glitz more frills

Katia Big Bang and Big Snow scarf yarn

these unique velvet soft pompom scarf knitting yarns have bands of different size pompoms. Katia Big Bang comes in solid colours and Big Snow has gorgeous multi coloured colourways

Katia Ronda scarf yarn

a silky acrylic yarn in classic solid colours with contrast edging - ideal for a lavishly ruffled knitted scarf, snood or shawl

Katia Bosa Nova and Sole scarf knitting yarn

Bossa Nova produces an airy-light, deeply ruffled effect scarf in distinctive colourways while Sole creates more lavish airy ruffles

Katia Brooklyn scarf yarn

a supersoft yarn in rich colourways made from 2 soft touch thick woollen chains linked by a fine eyelash yarn

Katia Frida scarf yarn

soft and lightweight shaggy scarf knitting yarn in lustrous colourways and 100g will make a scarf approx 150cm long

Katia Gala scarf yarn

an easy to knit yarn with a mesh tape construction, which creates luscious multi toned chenille ruffled scarves, cowls and bags

Katia Lolita scarf knitting yarns

Lolita scarf knitting yarn creates slinky and lavish fur effect scarves with a beautiful drape in subtle colourwars with very long eyelash fronds

Katia Ninette scarf yarn

a beautifully soft scarf knitting yarn with a light eyelash trim

Katia Papillon scarf yarn

a printed net fabric with a mesh edge which creates an airy ruffled scarf as you knit

Katia Tutu and Tutu Basic scarf yarns

a ruffled scarf yarn that comes in near solid colours and a range of dramatic design.

Katia Caroline scarf yarn

a light mesh ribbon knittin yarn that you twist as you knit to highlight the summery light and dark shades on a natural white background

Katia Guipur scarf yarn

a light as air yarn with a broad ribbon of lace which knits up easily to create a romantic summer scarf or ruffled trim

Katia Boulevard scarf yarn

a gorgeous, soft and lustrous voile ribbon scarf knitting yarn in subtle shades with a satin edging

Katia Polo Sur scarf yarn

Katia Polo Sur yarn is a wool-rich shaggy megachunky knitting yarn that is perfect for quick-knit scarves and winter accessories

Sirdar Spellbound scarf yarn

Spellbound is blended with mohair to give an airy brushed effect and sparkle to light up a soft and luxurious ruffled scarf with just one skein..

Wendy Nina scarf yarn

Wendy Nina scarf knitting  yarn with wool - one skein creates a shaggy boucle scarf with instrictions provided

Rumba and Rumba Sparkle scarf yarns

Rumba Sparkle and Rumba Fantasy are scarf knitting yarns and one ball of either makes a ruffled scarf with the Sparkle shades adding extra glitter

Wendy Rococco and Frills scarf yarn

Rococo creates a ruffled scarf with a sequinned trim and Frills a ruffled scarf with a very soft and cozy finish.  Both with instructions on the ball band

Woolcraft Bolero scarf knitting yarn

Woolcraft Bolero scarf knitting yarn creates a ruffled scarf with a solid scalloped edging which gives the ruffles a more defined effect. One ball makes a scarf.

Sirdar Shaggy scarf yarn

Sirdar Shaggy scarf yarn is a lightweight fur effect knitting yarn that makes a fun scarf in no time with just 1 ball using 20mm needles and free pattern provided