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Wendy knitting yarns

Wendy knitting yarns in superchunky, chunky, aran, DK, 4 ply and cotton with 30 plus ranges including Wendy Mode DK and chunky yarns with wool plus Supreme DK, 4 ply and Chunky with pure cotton and Wendy Merino 4 ply., DK and chunky pure merino wool yarns. Wendy Happy and Roam are 4 ply sock yarns, Celtic and Norse are chunky yarns and our super chunky yarns include Pampas and Thor.  Osprey is a brushed alpaca and wool aran yarn and Traditional Aran is made with 100% English wool.  Wendy Frills, Rococco and Nina are scarf yarns as is Yeti, which is also a fur effect yarn.  Wendy Air is a light as air yarn with mohair and for more Wendy yarns see (Peter Pan baby yarns)

Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton Silk DK

Made from 20% fine silk and 80% pure cotton, which pick up the dye in different ways resulting in a gorgeous speckled look.

Wendy Harris DK

Wendy Harris DK yarn has a machine washable blend of 20% wool, 70% acrylic and 10% Viscose available in 6 flecked rustic tweed shades that knits to most standard DK designs

Wendy Air Mohair

Wendy Air mohair knitting yarn has an ultrafine blend of 70% mohair and 30% nylon and is perfect for lace wraps.  

Wendy Supreme 4 ply pure cotton yarn

Wendy Supreme 4 ply knitting yarn made with 100% pure mercerised cotton for a lustrous sheen

Wendy Merino 4 ply

Wendy Merino 4 ply knitting yarn is an ultra soft pure merino wool knitting yarn perfect for babies and people usually sensitive to wool

Wendy Mode DK

Wendy Mode DK is a wool rich knitting yarn with a great value 50% pure merino wool with 50% premium acrylic blend in a range of classic and fashion shades

Wendy Merino DK

Wendy Merino DK knitting yarn is an ultra soft pure merino wool knitting yarn that's perfect for babies and people usually sensitive to wool

Wendy Sorrento DK yarn

Wendy Sorrento DK knitting yarn is a supersoft and lightweight blend of 45% cotton and 55% acrylic, perfect for summer knitting

Wendy Supreme DK pure cotton yarn

Wendy Supreme DK is a 100% pure cotton mercerised knitting yarn that is soft to handle and has a lustrous sheen

Wendy Supreme Chunky pure cotton yarn

Wendy Supreme Cotton Chunky knitting yarn is made with mercerised pure cotton

Wendy Traditional Aran pure wool

Wendy Traditional Aran is a pure wool aran knitting yarn and the perfect yarn for the classic cabled sweater or jacket

Wendy Osprey aran

Wendy Osprey aran knitting yarn is a soft brushed aran yarn with alpaca and wool

Wendy Mode Chunky

Wendy Mode Chunky wool rich knitting yarn has a top quality machine washable blend of 50% pure merino wool with premium acrylic

Wendy Merino Chunky pure wool

Wendy Merino Chunky is a 100% super soft machine washable pure merino wool knitting yarn

Wendy Celtic Chunky

Wendy Celtic Chunky knitting yarn in marled colours with a rustic feel and lightweight blend of 30% wool and 70% premium acrylic

Wendy Pampas super chunky yarn

Wendy Pampas is a superchunky knitting yarn with a silky soft blend of 30% wool with 70% acrylic

Wendy Yeti Fur yarn

Wendy Yeti knitting yarn is slinky and soft fun fur yarn that's great for scarves